The New Testament Senior Citizensí Village (NTSC V)

at the Charity Isle Patmos (CIP)

Increasingly more and more people live longer than what the average age was in the past. In the past, old aged parents used to continue living with their children, today both husband and wife are working and would not be able to continue caring for their elderly parents.

In addition, many aged persons, male and female, prefer to enjoy their freedom during the last years of their life. Most of them would not be able to care for themselves, attend to their daily needs or to continue maintaining their apartments. Hence there has been increasing urgent need for more places where these senior citizens can live. Old age homes in Egypt are increasingly becoming very expensive. Poor people and middle class persons do not have the means to pay the high fees of these old age homes.
The Charity Isle Patmos (CIP), being situated at the 32 km on the Cairo-Suez road, has been the place for needed projects and activities. The NTSC V has been planned on seven acres (29,400m2) from the CIP.

It will provide housing and living accessibility to the senior citizens who are needy and cannot pay any fees, as well as to those with limited resources. Thus, the NTSC V will accept elderly persons who have no means to support themselves and those with limited resources.

Description of the NTSC V project:-

The NTSC V will be composed of four buildings. Each building will be built on an area of 1250 m2 and consists of 2 floors
each floor will include 20 bedrooms and 10 living rooms. A building in the middle, containing a kitchen and refectory rooms will be connected to each floor. A library for reading, common areas for social activities, reception area, meeting hall, special halls for recreation and T.V. rooms, so that the old age persons may enjoy their time and avoid being bored. It will also provide gymnasium and sportsí areas for its residents. Green tracks for walking and playgrounds suitable for old age persons will be provided, along with special gardens. The NTSC V will also include a small church ďSt. Paulís ChapelĒ.

Inside view

The NTSC V sections will be as follows:
+St. Mathewís residence (120 beds for 3 female residents/room) - free
+St. Marcís residence (120 beds for 3 male residents/room) - free
+St. Lukeís residence (40 beds for 2 female residents/room) - at cost of living (20 beds for 1 female resident/room) - fully paid.

+St. Johnís residence( 40 beds for 2 male residents/room) - at cost of living (20 beds for 1 male resident/room) -fully paid
The first building St. Marcís residence 120 beds for 3 male residents/room)-  free has been built.

Aims and objectives of the NTSC V:-

1- To provide living facilities for elderly persons who would feel lonely in their homes, or those who have no one to care for them.
2 - The NTSC V will provide social atmosphere, company and recreational activities that will help them to enjoy their life at that age.
3 - The CIP will provide gardens, games, and recreational activities needed for them.

4 - Members of the NTSC V who have specific talents, if they would desire, can find opportunities to use their talents and experiences in other projects situated at the CIP. This will help them to continue feeling that they are still able to give and use their specialization in benefiting others.

Contributions to the New Testament Senior Citizens' Village would help  in:

 + Furnishing and equipping the first two buildings.

 + Providing the expenses for a free home to those who are in need and lack the means.


" Uphold the Weak"

(Thess. 3:14)